“These are a few of my favourite things” – Autumn Edit

Fashion / Monday, September 18th, 2017

I’m not usually a fan of Autumn, I tend to find the end of Summer a bit depressing really. This year though I’ve been longing for Autumn, mainly because it’s one step closer to meeting our baby girl, but also I absolutely love Autumn clothes. I actually got my favourite knee high boots out for the first time since Winter today! I know, eager beaver right? But the truth is I’m so done with Summer this year. I’m sure most pregnant ladies will agree with me when I say that Summer just isn’t as fun when you’re pregnant. For me, Summer time is all about basking in the sunshine, trips to the beach, sitting outside in the garden with friends and nattering about rubbish under the fairy lights until midnight! Obviously being pregnant doesn’t necessarily mean that these things are out of the question. But it kind of does? I mean, you can go to the beach of course, but have you ever tried getting comfortable on a beach with a tiny human inside your belly? And by the time you manage to get semi-comfortable, you have to get up to find a loo and more than likely a snack of some sort – less than ideal. Chilled nights with family and friends are fine too, but you’re probably going to be yawning in their faces by 9pm, trying to mask the pain of heart burn from those non-alcoholic beers that seemed like SUCH a good idea a few hours ago, whilst thinking about those rennies that are waiting for you at home, next to your glorious pregnancy pillow that you can’t wait to face plant. At least now Autumn is here I can whip my pyjamas on when I get in from work, snuggle up with some munchies and binge watch Netflix without feeling too guilty!

Even though I’m loving the changing of the seasons this year, there are two things in particular that I look forward to EVERY year – 1 Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes, and 2 Knitwear.. preferably together. I started buying knitwear in July this year – that’s how excited I get. I am quite fussy when it comes to knitwear – the quality has to be good and the sleeves have to be nice and long as I have gangly arms. So far, I’ve managed to find some really great knits from H&M and ASOS – both maternity and non-maternity. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have most likely seen some of these already. I wanted to link each item but most of them are currently out of stock (boo). So I thought I’d link the items that are next on my list instead! Just remember to wear a top underneath your knits babes – speaking from experience, melting in the office is never a good look, no matter how killer your jumper is!

Loose-knit jumper – Camel – Ladies | H&M

knitted jumper – Grey – Ladies | H&M

ASOS Jumper in Cable with Volume Sleeve