Pregnancy update: weeks 20 – 22

Lifestyle / Wednesday, August 16th, 2017

I haven’t done any pregnancy updates on my blog as of yet, so I thought I’d try something new and give one a go!

I’m now in my 21st week of pregnancy and the time is flyinggggg! I remember turning 14 weeks and officially entering my second trimester like it was yesterday. It was a great feeling as they say until this point you’re still sort of in the “danger zone”, which is also why you’re advised not to go telling the world you’re expecting until at least your 12th week.

My second trimester has been really good so far in comparison to my first. My first was pretty much textbook in terms of my symptoms – I had terrible sickness and fatigue from about 6-13 weeks and then it all suddenly eased off. I know a lot of women don’t experience these glorious symptoms and I know others get them all the way through their pregnancy (Im so sorry, you poor souls). But mine was all pretty “normal” in regards to how I felt and the timings etc.

Weeks 14 – 19 were okay. I suffered from migraines a lot which isn’t ideal (still do), but they usually go after I’ve taken some paracetamols and had a lie down in a quiet room. By the way paracetamols are safe to take during pregnancy but stay away from aspirin and ibuprofen – I can’t remember why but that’s what I’ve been advised all the way through!

Weeks 20 – 22 have been a real mixture of ‘arghhh’ and ‘awww’ for me. I can now clearly feel our little one kicking and doing summersaults in my tummy every day which is obviously one of the BEST feelings ever and probably the best part of pregnancy so far. We’ve also started buying stuff for the baby which again was such an amazing feeling. I know some people like to start preparing more early on but we wanted to wait until after the 20 week scan before we bought anything major. Buying little clothes and shoes just makes me so excited! The next thing we want to get is the pram, which can I just say, pre-pregnancy, I thought a pram was just a pram – I mean they all look the same and do the job right? Oh no my friend, no no – choosing the pram is like choosing your car, only harder because these prams are like super duper all singing all dancing transformer prams on steroids. The pressure is real! If anyone has any genuine recommendations please let me know! In terms of how I’ve been feeling, I’ve definitely noticed a few changes in myself in the last week or two. Baby brain for one – If you can’t laugh at yourself, you better learn how to, because with the amount of stupid things you’re going to do during pregnancy you can only laugh or cry and no one likes a crying, hormonal pregnant woman.. trust me! Another thing I’ve noticed is I seem to have lost my balance.. If that’s a thing? As my stomach is getting larger I feel more clumsy, and have even bent down to get something out of the cupboard and just rolled backwards like a little woodlouse that’s fallen on its back (again – laugh or cry). Probably the biggest change though is that the clothes I once wore I simply cannot wear any longer. Number 1 they don’t fit and Number 2 they look all kinds of unflattering. I actually haven’t bought any proper maternity clothes yet as I’m trying to go as long as possible without spending money on stuff I won’t be able to wear for long. However, there’s only so long you can squeeze into your pre-pregnancy jeans until someone’s eyes gets taken out by a flying button. And trust me, that button is getting closer and closer to losing its sh**! Again, if anyone has any maternity clothes shops/ websites that they can recommend I would forever be grateful!

So I think that’s it mainly, so far! If you liked this post and would like to read more pregnancy related posts, please let me know! I’d also like to add that yes pregnancy comes with a lot of scary symptoms and can sometimes make you want to cry your eyeballs out, but It’s so worth it and the good stuff wholeheartedly outweighs the bad. So please don’t be put off if you’re reading this! Pregnancy is awesome!